Dawn Thomson: Therapy Redefined

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Dawn Thomson: Therapy Redefined

Owner | 📍 Edinburgh

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I am an energy psychologist and relationships coach and for over 15 years, I have helped people improve their relationship with themselves and their relationships with others, be it their partners, family, or workmates.

I transform my clients’ lives by helping them release any beliefs or experiences that have been holding them back from living the life they long for. I work from the premise that everything and everyone is made up of energy, and that the vibration that you resonate at attracts situations and people aligned to that same energy frequency.

Trauma, unresolved issues, and negative thoughts/beliefs create blockages within the individual’s energy field, which is why many people feel ‘stuck’. The way we see the world is directly correlated to our beliefs, because our filters of perception are designed to mirror back to us what our system is set up for.

Using an individually tailored combination of energy tapping, neurolinguistic programming and non-trance hypnosis, I help my clients change their beliefs – and in so doing, change their lives.

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